Our fundamental passion for event infrastructure and technology is evident from concept to execution. At Phase 1, we bring your vision to life through all the stages: From planning, production to culmination of any event. Our solutions in technology range from new age staging modules, dynamic LEDS, media servers, line arrays and intelligent lights to provide a wholly immersive experience. We also make use of innovative digital projections such as video mapping, holograms, 3D Printing technology, augmented reality, gobo projections, motion sensors, multi-touch display and multi-user surface to appeal to your five senses.

We’re invested in technology and infrastructure that consumes lesser power, manpower, space, and is deliverable in quick turnaround time. Our new age staging modules are more sophisticated, precise and easy to install. We also offer drape cover modules that create rooming space in less than a minute, scaffolding modules that are lighter and user friendly, as well as masking modules that can be erected in no time.

As a dynamic and collaborative team, we offer bespoke experiences fuelled with innovation and originality to create a technically sound live extravaganza every time.